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Top 10 Chrome extension For YouTuber & Bloggers

In today's article, we're going to talk about the best extensions for Chrome for Both YouTuber and Bloggers, These are my favorite Chrome extensions. So stay tuned!

1. Keyword EveryWhere

Update: Now It is A Paid Extension
The first one I'm going to talk about is Keywords Everywhere Keywords everywhere is a great way to research keywords for your SEO needs It can be used in Google search, Google Trends, eBay, YouTube, ubersuggest. Just all over the place. You can install it on Chrome or if you use Firefox, you can use it on Firefox also After you install keywords everywhere Type in a search term I typed in pink buttons It shows me up here at the top that the volume is 320 This is the average CPC and the competition is at 1.

But my favorite part is over here you can look at the related keywords Star buttons is 480 Pink button-up shirt is 210 and it goes on it also says down here people also search for And it shows you some other terms and shows you the search volume on each of those You can also go down here to the bottom and you'll see search related to pink button You'll see the different amounts on each of those If you're on YouTube, you'll see the same over here pink button it has the amount And as you type you can also see some other things.

Let's type in how to use and how to use chopsticks comes in at the top With 40,000 how to use air pods right under it and I won't go any farther than that So if you're creating content and you need to look up keywords keywords everywhere is a great extension

2. Eye Dropper

My next favorite one is called the Eye Dropper. the eye dropper works with both chrome and chromium You just pick any page you click on the eyedropper tool at the top Pick color from webpage and then you go down As you can see down in the bottom corner. It shows you the numbers, but if you click on it And then open this back up again You'll have the hex code right here the official description And everything else that you'll need to use that color

 Let's do that one more time to show you how that works You click on the eyedropper Hit pick from web page You'll see down here in the corner that this has come up You just hover over whatever color And you can click it And then click up here again at the top it'll show you the color, the hex code and any other information you may need on that color If you're a designer and you're working with clients. This is a great way to get the colors directly from their websites

3. Whatfont Tool

The next chrome extension I like to use is called Whatfont Tool This allows me to figure out what font I'm looking at on a web page If you go to their web page and scroll down .
This is where you can get it for Chrome and they also have it for Safari It looks like this up here in the top you can just click on it And once it's open, it will not close until you exit. as you drag it over It will show you what font that is. That's Georgia That's Aerial And that's Sans Serif And this works on most web pages So if you're looking at a web page and ever wondering what that font is, this is an easy way to tell

4. Speed Test

The next one I'm going to mention is Speed Test Now a lot of you use speed tests to test your network And this is extremely important if you're doing a lot of uploading and downloading like I do with video But if you want a quick way to access a speed test without going to the website, let me show you how You download the extension up here at the top when you click on it It opens the speed test automatically. Then click go And it just starts running right there And there we go

5. Hover Zoom

My next favorite one is called Hover Zoom Hover zoom is something where you can move your mouse over a thumbnail and it brings the image up to full size. Let me give you a demonstration of this in Google Images Let's say we're looking for dog Let's get more specific Papillon dog Okay. Now we're gonna go to images and this is what you normally see but when you have hover image on It makes them really big And besides working on Google Images. This also works on Facebook and on several other sites So you no longer have to open all the pictures you can just hover over them And it will make them bigger for you

6. LastPass

The next few extensions I'm going to talk about are actually extensions that work with some of the tools I mentioned in my other Blog post One of the really important ones is LastPass LastPass as a password manager And by having an extension up here. This allows you to easily access your vault You could click on it, go to open my vault and this is also where you can sign in and sign out

7. Loom

The next one is Loom Loom is great for recording your screen and your cam and making quick videos Up here at the top. It has the easy access where you just click And you can do full desktop Or current tab you can do screen and cam, screen only or cam only and just hit start recording It doesn't matter what web page you're on you can start recording immediately Loom just came out with a desktop version that you can download for Mac and that you can download for PC

8. Sign Request

The next extension I love is sign request by having the extension it allows me to work in Google Drive and in Gmail and In Google Docs and you can enable the Gmail plugin right here.

9. Toggl

The next one I'm going to mention is Toggl. I talked about this in my last video Toggle is a time trekker to keep track of time on projects you're working on and when you click the button It just says what are you working on you type in whatever it is that you're working on And push go and that allows you to track your time from wherever you are without even being on the site Toggl is a super handy tool if you work hourly remotely or if you have a remote assistant that you want to work hourly, they can keep track of their time with this really easily

10. Extensity

And the last one I'm going to mention is Extensity and I hope, I didn't butcher that too bad Extensity is a Chrome extension to help you manage your Chrome extensions. I like to say one extension to rule them all When you open extensity it lists all your extensions And you can manage your extensions from here Extensions can be a drain on your system and slow you down So one of the things I do is when I'm not using an extension, I'm not using the eyedropper. I just click it And It turns it off temporarily Turn off the font Turn off toggl Turn off sign request That looks good And now I have less of them running right now and if at any time, I need one of those extensions I just click back in it And I can go right there and turn them right back on Extensity is a great way to manage all your other extensions.

So that is my Chrome extensions and what I considered the best extensions for Chrome in 2019 What are some of your favorite extensions? Drop a comment down below so that we can check it out? Thanks for Reading! and we'll see you next day!

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How to do Proper SEO Of A Blogger Blog?

Hello friends, if you are a blogger then you must know about SEO. It is very important to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog. In this guide, we will learn about why and how to do Google Blogger SEO.

How to do Blogger SEO? 

In Blogger SEO, you have to use both SEO strategy like On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Use Heading Tags -

Use Heading tags in your post. Heading tags make the search engine easy to understand the main heading, main points, post title etc. are the main parts of the post and important for SEO. To know more about heading tags and how to use it while writing posts.eyword research -
It is very important to have keywords in the post to be written in your blog. Keyword helps in increasing the ranking of the post.

Before writing a post, find the most searched keywords according to the topic of the post and include it in your post. There are many free and paid tools available to do keyword research. In free tools, you can use websites like google keyword planner,

Use Images in the Post and Optimize it-

You should use images in post and must be optimize it with proper SEO. It is often believed that a better view of a person can be understood quickly by reading. If you use descriptive images as per the topic in your post, then visitors will stay on your site for a long time, this will help in reducing the Bounce rate.

4) Use Call to Action -

Use Call to Action in your post. Catchy actions like Subscribe to our blog, Sharing is Caring, Join Us, Fill free to contact us helps to keep the visitor engaged. This gives the advantage of lower bounce rate.

Blogger Off Page SEO

1) Submit sitemap to search Engines -

It is necessary to submit sitemap of your blog and submit it to search engines like google, bing, yahoo. To know how to generate and submit sitemap for blogger blog, You can subscribe to our blog. Now you can get a website advertise balance of 3000 rupees by submitting a sitemap on bing. To know, follow our blog.

2) Use robot.txt -

It is easy to understand search engine like posts, pages, categories, tags written on the blog from robot.txt. To know how to generate blogger robot.txt, our guide how to generate robot.txt for blogger? You can check it on Internet or Youtube.

3) Make Backlinks -

Backlinks for any website or blog are the most important thing. Without backlinks it is impossible to get in the ranking of search engine. If you want to get your post to the top of the search ranking, then generating backlinks of the site is very important. By reading this guide of backlinks, you can get backlinks for the site.

If you follow this blogger SEO, then in the coming days, a lot of organic traffic will come to your site, which will benefit you in your blogging career.

What is Anchor Text? Explained

Hi guys, Today I am going to tell you about What is Anchor Text and Why it is important?

Do you know about Anchor Text? SEO in itself is a very big field. There is a need to learn every day here. By doing SEO or Digital Marketing Course nothing happens. It is important to practice and learn continuously. SEO Full Form is Search Engine Optimization, I think everyone know about that. SEO is a process by which a website or blog is ranked in the SERP. SEO has many things to do like image optimization, keywords density and many more. SEO is mainly divided into two Categories or parts - On Page and Off Page SEO. Anchor text is used in On Page SEO itself. Most people give less importance to Anchor Text but, even more, rank can be achieved in SERP. Visible and clickable text of hyperlinks is called Anchor Text. In general, anchor text is underline with blue color. Its color is changed by changing CSS. The search engine notices the keyword used in Anchor text and it is considered very useful for SEO. Anchor text gives the search engine and user the correct information of the content of the link.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor Text can easily crawl other pages of the website. In this post too, some text is visible in red color, it is anchor text only. On moving the Mouse Cursor here, it changes to Hand icon. Above is the highlighted word anchor text.

Anchor text is the clickable text that serves to link another post to a post. Anchor text is used to grab user attention like a hyper link. This reduces the Bounce Rate of the website. Generally speaking, only internal and external links in a blog post are called anchor text. If it follows the search engine engine policy then White Hat comes under SEO

To explain it in detail, information is given in some points below.

Bad Anchor Text

It works like Black Hat SEO. In this, the color of the anchor text is done in background color or something is given in the anchor text and the information in the page which is linked is something else. Learn More, Click Here, Click it, Clink on This is all Bad Anchor Text.

Good Anchor Text

The use of words in anchor text that are a keyword and given information about the post itself is considered good anchor text. The search engine is also able to understand it, this information has been given about this time. The same keyword should always be used in the anchor text about which the post is written.

Benefits of anchor text

Anchor text is used for inbound and outbound links in the website. Its proper use helps in search engine ranking, while its wrong use can get Google penalty. It is used for Organic Traffic. If the Exact Match Keyword is used correctly, the blog post ranks up in the search engine. This also greatly improves the bounce rate. A low bounce rate means the user is staying on the website for a long time.

The result of misuse of any process in SEO reduces the ranking of the website. Anchor Text should always be used in the right place and the right way.Should always be used correctly, even if it is not needed at times, we put anchor text on it, Please Don't do this at all.
While creating a backlink, please check the Spam Score, DA, PA of the website. Avoid linking a blog with a Spam Site or Low DA PA site.
The purpose of writing a guest post is backlink. Writing content on the Low DA PA site is not going to bring any benefit. Always post guest posts on Relevant Keyword only.
Some bloggers and SEO blogs say that Anchor Text no longer works for SEO. However, this is not the case, Search Engine Ranking can still be improved by this.

I hope guys you will like this article.
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How to do Proper SEO For Wordpress Blog?

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about How to do Proper SEO For Wordpress Blog?

SEO of WordPress blog or website is very easy. In addition, it is Open Source and User-Friendly. Many free tutorials of wordpress are also available on internet. Thousands of domains are being registered every day and new websites and blogs are being created. This does not mean that only competition is increasing here. Business opportunities are also increasing here. To make WordPress Blog SEO Friendly, it has to make some changes.

SEO Tips For Wordpress Blog

WordPress Theme

 There are many free themes in the theme section on When you allow your budget, purchase the theme. In February 2019, there was some problem in my other website due to which there was too much traffic and revenue loss. The reason for this was the Null Theme. My Blogger friend should never use Null / Crack WordPress Theme. It sounds very good in the beginning but, when the traffic increases on the site, then the problem starts. When the problem grew too much, we thought maybe there is a hosting issue. Port 80 Block was becoming frequent. When talked to Hosting Provider, they told that this is a theme issue. Hearing the theme issue, understood what the problem was. Then that theme was replaced with Paid Theme.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Do you know that 28% of the world's website remains on the WordPress platform. Ever wondered why? Why do people like WordPress so much? The main reason for this is very user-friendly. I tell my experience when a website had to be built on Core PHP or any other FrameWork of PHP, much more time was required in Custumization of Admin Panel, Mainly It takes about 1 month to completely build a website. But because of WordPress, making websites has become very easy. Because everything is ready to use here.

There are many plugins which very much help you for WordPress SEO. Some WP (WordPress) themes are free and Paid. You can use according to your budget. There are two popular WordPress SEO Plugin - All in One SEO Plugin and Yoast SEO Plugin. Talking about me, I use All In One SEO Plugin. You can use Yoast Plugin for SEO, It is a very Popular Plugin among all the Wordpress blogger. Yoast Plugin is availabe in both free and Paid versions.  After reading this post, Invest in Blogging or not it will be cleared, meaning Free Plugin or Paid Plugin should be used.

Wordpress blog speed

Speed ​​matters a lot whether a website or blog is made on any platform. First of all, work on Loading Speed. Your website / blog will be loaded in as little time as it is good. Today, the user does not have a lack of options. Many listings from Google search are exposed. He clicked on what was right for him. But if it takes time to load the website, then the user goes to the other site.

Let We Understand By using an example. Suppose, You have to buy a Notebook. The shop you visited is not there or the shopkeeper is there or you are taking time to deliver the notebook. If that Notebook can only get vehicles, then wait. If you can get it anywhere else, then buy it from where you will get it soon. If you want to engage the user, then he has to give better experience. For this, the loading speed of the site will have to be reduced. The most important site is Loading Speed. That's why the shorter the site loading time is, the better it is.

Wordpress permalink

Permalink means URL structure. What is the structure of the URL whenever you open a page or post? URL Structure is also a part of SEO. At the time of WordPress installation, a default setting is found in which there is also a setting of permalink which is not correct with SEO Purpose.

There is Common Setting in Permalink under the Settings tab. This is the default settings of WordPress. When WordPress is installed, the Common Structure remains set. Permalink has 6 options.

So, I hope you will like this article.
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Best Youtube Topic Ideas For Beginners

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about Some Best Youtube Topic Ideas. 

In today's article, some compelling channel ideas are being published for the topics that New Youtuber is looking for, which topic should be made a channel.

Let me tell you one thing before telling YouTube Content Ideas, that you should always follow your passion on the online platform or you should work on high CPC keywords to earn money here.

Youtube Content Topics

Loan & Insurance

This is the High CPC Keyword. It may earn more from other keywords. Many times, a video has been seen which got 1 million views and earned 50 Dollar on the other hand 100 Dollar on 1 lakh views. You can work on this awesome keyword. If this is information about finance, then it is very good YouTube Content Idea. Many videos on this topic are in YouTube but, 90% of the videos have not given the correct information. how to get the marksheet loan, the entire information is not given in the video about it. This means career is still in such videos.

Review YouTube Channel

Internet has become faster with cheaper. Now users like to watch videos more than read content. In such a situation, videos with content can also be published on YouTube. As long as this world remains, people will continue to buy and sell goods and even read and watch online before buying. User rating Yes, now it is time to look at user experience, user rating before buying any product.
Now, if you created a review channel and gave the right content to the people, then viewers will support you.

Unboxing Channel

Box open (Unboxing) video yes there is still option in box open video. Because many more products are yet to be launched. Yes, as long as this is the world, the product will continue to be launched and till then its box should be opened, There are many Youtubers working on this topic and competetion is very much, But Don't panic Baba Ramdev also says that it happens by doing. If you will If you can speak well, you can tell the details of the product, then you can open the channel by pressing.

Funny Video

There is some difference between comedy and funny here, this is not being done to prolong the list. Record a funny video of children or do a silent video in which nothing is to be said, or record and upload the action of someone who acts like laughing gas. By the way, some videos on YouTube are such that after seeing the laugh, the anger does not come apart. The content should have a natural smile. There should not be a clap of force itself. A team is not required for a funny video, whereas a team may be needed for a comedy video.

Motivational Channel

Motivational channel is also a very good topic. For this, it is very important to have one motivation in itself. This Youtube Content Ideas is important for Gyanchand. Which people no longer want to listen to. The truth is, if you give someone what he needs, then only he will appreciate you or else he will abuse you. That is why stop giving extra knowledge and start uploading videos, this will give this knowledge to the needy person who will get some change in his life and he will consider you as his mentor. Students and businessmen are most in need of motivation. In such a situation, if the right person to guide these people is found, then he is willing to spend millions for it.

So, This are the best topic you can work on. I hope you will like this article.
Thanks For Reading.

What is CPA, CPM, CPC & CTR?

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about and full form of CPC, CPM, CPC and CTR. If you earn money from a Blog, Youtube, or any other Ad Network Ads, then this information will be very useful to you. Here Google Adsense is the source of earning of most people. Do you know how Google Adsense performs payment calculations? Here the addition and subtraction of money is done in a different way. Here, CPM calculates on the basis of CPC, CTR and CPA.

What is CPA?

We can say that, The meaning of CPA is Cost Per Action, It is a common term in Google. Adsense. This is very beneficial for any advertisers. This means how many people submit their personal information by clicking on ads or making a product purchase. CPA is mostly used for Affiliate Marketing. Now a little understanding is needed here. There are two ways for Online Make Money. You can earn money by showing ads on the first blog or website. Now you tell me how you can make more money? Showing Ads or Product Sale Tax. So you can earn more by doing Product Sale. Because advertisers also benefit from this, they pay more money to the publisher.

What is CPM?

CPM (Cost Per Mile) It is a common term. Mile here means 1000. Some people even call it Cost per thousand. Here advertisers decide which blog or what video will have to pay 1000 views. In general, the advertiser decides this. But, if your blog is very popular, then you can make your Advertisement Rate. If someone charges 1 Dollar for 1000 Views this means the CPM of the website is 1 Dollar. In such a case, if the CPM of a blog is 5 Dollar and Daily Page views is 10000, then Daily Income will be 50 Dollar. But, the CPM of Hindi or Other language blog is not so much.

What is CPC?

CPC (Cost Per Click) It is a common term used in Google Adsense and other adnetworks. CPC is heavily used in online advertising. The CPC of any blog is not fixed. Because, CPC depends on the content. The CPC will be as the content is. If someone writes about Insurance, Loan, Finance or makes a video, then his CPC will be higher. Because, advertisers spend more money on this Keyword. This is the reason that even if a blog has 100000 views, it earns less, while some blogs also earn very good income on 10000 Views.

What is CTR?

CTR (Click Through Rate) For Conversion. This allows advertisers to understand how much percentage conversion happens. If the advertiser shows 100 ads, then how many times is the advertisement clicked. If 6 Ads are clicked in 100 Ads it means CTR of your blog is 6%. Here one more thing has to be kept in mind. Do not click on this link by yourself. Even if you click by yourself, the advertiser comes to know.

Three parties work in any online advertising. The first one wants to advertise, the second on whose platform this ads will be shown and the third is the advertisers' customer. Online Advertisement is very transparent here every kind of static check can be done. Who is watching your ads, where is he looking, whether he has bought the product or service or not? Accordingly, the Advertising Agency (Google Adwords), pays Google Publisher through Google Adsense and Google Admob.
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How to increase Loading Speed For Wordpress Blog?

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about How to increase Loading Speed For Wordpress Blog?, Whenever it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Loading Speed ​​is considered, when it comes to Blog / Website, the user has many options. In internet, There are other blogs on the same topic and category. In such a situation, the user who is loading the website first likes to browse the same website.

Tips to increase Loading Speed for Wordpress Blog

47% of Internet Users prefer Sites loading in less than 2 Second Time. While 40% of users ignore Sites loading in more than 4 sec time. Therefore, loading time of website is less than 3 seconds. If you want to reduce the loading time of your blog and make it fast, then read the tips given below and follow. There are some steps that can be done to increase Blog Speed.

Plugins & Widgets

Plugin and Widget have been developed to simplify the work of design and development in WordPress and this is why the market demand of WordPress is very high. Many problems related to development become solve by using plugins. But sometimes too much plugin is used to do customization. On the one hand, Plugin makes WordPress development easy and on the other hand makes Site Heavy. Heavy here means web page becomes larger. Which takes time to open Page. This means to use Site Plug Speed ​​and Plugin and Widget sparingly.


Some people have Confusion before they remove that Confusion. Blog is made on many platforms. And, Wordpress is the most popular platform for the bloggers. WordPress also has two services. and is self-hosted and Whereas is a service of Automattic. If your budget allows, then use Self Hosted WordPress. Hosting purchase has to be done in this. Always purchase web hosting from any company that provides best customer support and service. In the beginning, you can get any attention towards any hosting. But, when traffic increases then only testing of hosting


Using more advertisements in the blog is also not right for loading. The main earning source of any informative website / blog is advertisement. What will you eat if the horse befriends the grass? This means that advertising will have to be done but it is better to put 1 high CPC ad than 10 Low CPC Ad. Google Adsense is the favorite monetization network of bloggers. It gives two types of Ad they are Synchronous (Slow) and Asynchronous (Fast). A few days ago Google Adsense used to provide only Synchronous Ad but now Asynchronous Ad is also being offered. Sync Ad Load used to take time. However, Async Ad gets loaded in a short time.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization, It is very important for your SEO. For this you can use a Plugin but, as mentioned above, use the Minimum Plugin or apply it manually to the Theme. TinyPNG Plugin is very good for Image Optimization. But, you can also use it without installing. Before uploading any image, reduce its size from

Why Page Loading Time is Important?

To come to the top in Google SERP, more than 200 ranking factors have to be followed. Out of this, Loading Speed ​​is a very important SEO Factor. For this, the Site Speed ​​Test Tool has also been launched in Google and Pingdom, you can check Site Loading Speed. A special feature of the Google Speed ​​Test Tool is that this solution also provides what changes should be made in the blog / website so that there is a fast load.
So, I hope guys you will like this article.
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How to Create a Paytm Business Account for Free?

Hi Guys, today I am going to tell you about Paytm's Business Account, through which I am going to give all the information of Paytm Merchant Account to you as well as to tell you how you can create this business account of Paytm, so let's To get complete information, let's start this latest article of today is about Paytm Business Account 

You all will know about Paytm, Paytm is most used nowadays, through Paytm you get unlimited service on a single platform, whether mobile recharge or any electricity, water or any kind. Whether it is a bill or any kind of installment, every kind of service is available to you through Paytm. Paytm has taken many of its services between us, keeping all the people in mind, so that all of us can use Paytm more and more.

All of you will know about the application of Paytm, but there will be many of you who will not know about Paytm's business application, so first we get information about Paytm Business Application. After all, what is Paytm business and why should we use it? As you may have come to know from its name, this is a kind of business application. This application is for those people who use Paytm more for money transactions.

Know about Paytm's business application

All of you must have used Paytm, you must have seen that the money which is lying in our Paytm wallet, if we start transferring that money to our bank account, then Paytm charges 4% from us i.e. if you paytm wallet. If you transfer 100 rupees from any bank, then you have to pay 104 Rs. Earlier, Paytm did not charge this but now almost everyone charges.
Paytm Merchant Account
To eliminate this charge, Paytm has launched its Paytm Business Application so that those who make more money transactions through Paytm will make money transactions through Paytm Business Application and the money is directly charged to their bank without any charge you can ask for the account. When you take money through Paytm Business application, money does not come in your Paytm Wallet, but comes directly into your bank account. Through the business application you get a bar code and you have to take money by scanning the same barcode.

After taking money through bar code, within 24 hours, the money gets transferred to the same bank account which will be added to your bank account under Paytm Business Application. Anyone can create a Paytm Business Account for free in a very easy way. I have told you very easily through my video that how you can create your Paytm Business Account without KYC, you can watch my video by clicking here and you can create your Paytm Business Account very comfortably. .

There are many benefits of a Paytm business account, the biggest advantage is to transfer the money of your Paytm Wallet to the bank without any charge, but for this you have to make a little different juggle, which I will definitely tell you in my next post.
Stay connected with me in the same way and wait for my upcoming posts, that's all you get with the new information in your next post.

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How to Apply For Amazon Pay Credit Card?

Hi Guys, I am going to tell you through my post that how you can apply Amazon Pay Credit Card sitting at home, then keep reading to get the complete information, whose name is my article.
You all must know about credit card. Credit card is a product between us, through which we can buy any product online very comfortably, even if there is not a single rupee in our pocket. Also, if we have to buy a product in online installments, we still use the credit card. Every bank that exists between us people has their own credit card. And everyone has their own charge. Apart from the bank, some shopping websites have also come out between our credit cards,

Companies like Amazon and Paytm have given their credit cards between us. Through this post of today, I am going to tell you about the credit card of Amazon which is a great credit card and you can apply that credit card very comfortably. You get this credit card of Amazon free for life time and there is no need to pay any follow-up fees.

Along with being Amazon Pay Credit Card Life Time Free, it gives you more than one offer. In this, you can earn as many Reward Point as possible, one Reward Point will be equal to 1 rs i.e. the more reward point the more Earning. If you do shopping through this credit card, you will still get reward points and if you pay mobile recharge or bill, you still get Reward Point. I think this is a great credit card.

 Amazon Pay Credit Card

Let me tell you another special thing about this credit card. If you apply this credit card through Amazon, you get a cashback of Rs 750, cashback of Rs 750 will be given to those people who are members of Amazon Prime. And those who are normal members will get a cashback of 500 rs. Let us now see how this Amazon Credit Card will be applied and which members will get it.
Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Apply Link
Amazon's credit card is given to you by Icici Bank. And this credit card can only be applied by those who have an ICICI Bank account and their credit card. If you have both these services, then you can apply Amazon Pay Credit Card very comfortably. Now I tell you which link you have to apply for Amazon Credit Card.

If you want to apply Amazon Pay Credit Card, go to the page where you will get all the information related to Amazon Pay Credit Card. All its offers and all its benefits. You can read all its offers. After that you will see an option to apply it at the top and bottom.

Click on the Apply Card button, now another page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter the mobile number which is linked with your ICICI Bank Account. An OTP will appear on your mobile as soon as you enter the mobile number. Enter the OTP you received and then click submit.

Now another page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter your credit card number, after clicking enter the number, click on submit, now you will have your name and your address, there will be an option for the credit card generated below it. Just clicking on it, the Amazon Pay Credit Card numbers will appear in front of you, along with the CVV Code. Now you can use it for shopping on Amazon.

Within a week this card will also come to your home, which you can use on offline shopping as well. As soon as your card is verified, you also get a cash back in your Amazon Wallet. To apply this card and to see the complete proof of cashback, you will have to click here to see my video in which I have shown this card by applying. I also got a cashback of Rs 750.

Through the article, all of you will be able to apply Amazon Pay Credit Card very comfortably and earn maximum income using it. So that's all we get for today with more new information in my next post.

I hope guys you will like this article.
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Features Of DigiLocker App - Save Your Documents On DigiLocker

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about Features Of DigiLocker App

Traffic Challan (Traffic Challan) has made people sleep these days. Since the enactment of the new Motor Vehicle Act, up to 10 times more Traffic Penalities are being deducted by Traffic Police (Traffic Police) on breaking the Traffic Rules. In such a situation, this news of ours can be very useful for you, because today we will tell you that we are going to tell you about DigiLocker. We will tell you about those steps with the help of which you will be able to easily download the DigiLocker APP by visiting the Google Play Store and also create your account.

How to create an account on DigiLocker?

  • Go to the Play Store App on your smartphone and type DigiLocker. DigiLocker has been downloaded by more than 10 million users so far. This app will replace 21 MB in your phone.
  • DigiLocker account is completely free. You can register this app with your mobile number. The app will send OTP (one-time password) to your phone. After this you have to set Username and Password.
  • After this the app will ask for your Aadhar number. After this, the app will include information like Date of birth in the system of DigiLocker. It is important to note here that the information of both Aadhar Card and Driving License should be the same, only then DigiLocker will save your digital copy.
  • Users will have to enter their Driving License Number into the system, which will validate MoRTH records. After the data matches, DigiLocker will automatically fetch all the data of the license from the centralized system in real time.
  • It is important that your driving license is updated in the local regional transport office (RTO). If your driving license number is not in MoRTH records, DigiLocker will not take a digital copy of your Driving License.
  • After this your Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate will be uploaded in the system.
  • In DigiLocker you will also get the option of different folders to save all your different documents.
  • Digital RC and DL will be validated in DigiLocker after digital signature. This will be done with MoRTH digital signature on documents or by scanning the QR code.

DigiLocker will consider traffic police
According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, traffic copied in DigiLocker or mParivahan apps will have to be considered by the traffic police.

What is the benefit?

Using the DigiLocker app, you will not have to worry about carrying the paper of the vehicle everywhere. In this case, your smartphone is enough.