Saturday, September 14, 2019

Big Update By Google in its Search Algorithm!

Hello Guys, Today I am going to tell you about Big Update By Google in its Search Algorithm

The largest search engine company has made major changes in its search algorithm. Now it will only promote original reporting and content. Google has taken this important step after media outlets around the world have faced criticism for the past several years. Google has stated in its blog post that the same news stories will be promoted, which uses investigative skills and journalistic ethics very well.

Those articles filled with in-depth and investigative reporting will have a higher chance of ranking in Google search and the same report and article will be rated higher. Google has also released new guidelines to rate publishers and stories. According to the new guidelines, more than 10,000 rateers around the world will be able to rate by seeing the overall reputations and work of original reporting by publishers.

Google's Vice President Recharge has also stated in his blog post that feedback from reviewers will not change the ranking of any specific result. In the current case, the same content appears in Google search, which is the most recent and more detailed. Google has taken this step for better access to all users and original stories. Richard, in his blog post, referring to events such as Me Too, Panama Paper Leak, Opioid Crisis, wrote that behind all these incidents there is a very serious and investigative journalism. All of these original stories should have access.

How will the new Algorithm work?

The impact of changes in Google News Search's Algorithm will start to show gradually. Suppose you searched or tried to find out about an event, then the same stories would rank first and first in Google search, with the original reporting of that event. Here, the original reporting means that the story in which the incident has been properly investigated or reported.

Why Algorithm changed?

Google has been facing criticism from media houses around the world for a long time, because stories with a more clickable headline ranked top in Google search. The brunt of which the investigative and detail reporting media houses had to suffer. Talking about the Algorithm before Google News search, it used to rank only the most recent and click bet type news. Because of this, original and detailed content was suppressed.

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