Saturday, September 14, 2019

Everything You need to know about Android Q

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about Android Q and Its Features.

Google introduced Android Q, the tenth version of android in Google I / O on this week. This new software package has been introduced with completely new options, gestures, AI and higher privacy options. currently, There are about 2.45 billion (Estimated) active android device users all over the globemany of those users can enjoy this new software package. Most of the flagship and mid-range smartphones launched within the last quarter of this year and next year are going to be launched with android Q software package. At the same time, it'll be rolled out in many smartphones launched this year and last year. Come, know about this latest software package

Android Q's two betas have already been rolled out. The third beta of the latest operating system has been rolled out this week for 21 devices. Apart from Google Pixel devices, these smartphones have also been rolled out for the devices like  Vivo, Oppo, Samsung etc. Google has not yet released the full name of Android 10 Q but has informed that 6 beta users of this operating system will be rolled out. The final version of its operating system will be rolled out in the third quarter.

Android 10 Q Full Name

The full name of Android 10 Q is not disclosed by Google, but all the previous Android versions launched are named after a sweet or a dessert. The previous variant of Android, Android 9 P, has also been named Pai. Similarly, Android 10 Q can be named Quince Jelly.

Gestures & Navigation

The Android 9 Pie, launched last year, was given a new pill button and new switching gestures compared to the previous version, which replaced the soft keys for home and recently used apps. Just like Apple's device in Android 10 Q, the gesture bar is given below. Swipe up and hold in it, you can go to the residently used app. For this, you have to scroll left or right. To switch to an app, you have to swipe left or right. Although the beta testing of Android 10 Q is going on, but it is so clear that navigation buttons have been removed and gestures have been brought in it.

Smart reply

The Smart Reply feature is currently available in Google's limited apps such as Gmail, Message, etc. Now this feature will be added to many more apps in Android 10 Q. Google has added a smart reply feature for call pick and disconnect for Android devices. This feature will be able to reply to any message in your place. This live caption will be helpful for those who cannot speak and cannot communicate. This feature will identify the notifications that are more important, using machine learning, and will also ignore the messages which are not necessary.

Dark mode

This is a feature that many app developers, including Google, have added to their many apps. This dark mode feature has been added system wide in Android 10 Q. In this you will get two options, either you can activate it all the time or you can activate it only in the night. Through this mode you can reduce your smartphone battery consumption.

Privacy control

More than 50 privacy features have been added to this latest Android 10 Q from Google. Through privacy control, you can give information about your location to anyone at your own discretion. Suppose you are lost and want to give information about your location to your people, then you have to go to the privacy and give permission for location sharing. Without your permission, your location will not be shared. This feature has been added keeping in mind the privacy of users. Apart from this, app timer feature has also been added

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