Saturday, September 14, 2019

How to Apply For Amazon Pay Credit Card?

Hi Guys, I am going to tell you through my post that how you can apply Amazon Pay Credit Card sitting at home, then keep reading to get the complete information, whose name is my article.
You all must know about credit card. Credit card is a product between us, through which we can buy any product online very comfortably, even if there is not a single rupee in our pocket. Also, if we have to buy a product in online installments, we still use the credit card. Every bank that exists between us people has their own credit card. And everyone has their own charge. Apart from the bank, some shopping websites have also come out between our credit cards,

Companies like Amazon and Paytm have given their credit cards between us. Through this post of today, I am going to tell you about the credit card of Amazon which is a great credit card and you can apply that credit card very comfortably. You get this credit card of Amazon free for life time and there is no need to pay any follow-up fees.

Along with being Amazon Pay Credit Card Life Time Free, it gives you more than one offer. In this, you can earn as many Reward Point as possible, one Reward Point will be equal to 1 rs i.e. the more reward point the more Earning. If you do shopping through this credit card, you will still get reward points and if you pay mobile recharge or bill, you still get Reward Point. I think this is a great credit card.

 Amazon Pay Credit Card

Let me tell you another special thing about this credit card. If you apply this credit card through Amazon, you get a cashback of Rs 750, cashback of Rs 750 will be given to those people who are members of Amazon Prime. And those who are normal members will get a cashback of 500 rs. Let us now see how this Amazon Credit Card will be applied and which members will get it.
Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Apply Link
Amazon's credit card is given to you by Icici Bank. And this credit card can only be applied by those who have an ICICI Bank account and their credit card. If you have both these services, then you can apply Amazon Pay Credit Card very comfortably. Now I tell you which link you have to apply for Amazon Credit Card.

If you want to apply Amazon Pay Credit Card, go to the page where you will get all the information related to Amazon Pay Credit Card. All its offers and all its benefits. You can read all its offers. After that you will see an option to apply it at the top and bottom.

Click on the Apply Card button, now another page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter the mobile number which is linked with your ICICI Bank Account. An OTP will appear on your mobile as soon as you enter the mobile number. Enter the OTP you received and then click submit.

Now another page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter your credit card number, after clicking enter the number, click on submit, now you will have your name and your address, there will be an option for the credit card generated below it. Just clicking on it, the Amazon Pay Credit Card numbers will appear in front of you, along with the CVV Code. Now you can use it for shopping on Amazon.

Within a week this card will also come to your home, which you can use on offline shopping as well. As soon as your card is verified, you also get a cash back in your Amazon Wallet. To apply this card and to see the complete proof of cashback, you will have to click here to see my video in which I have shown this card by applying. I also got a cashback of Rs 750.

Through the article, all of you will be able to apply Amazon Pay Credit Card very comfortably and earn maximum income using it. So that's all we get for today with more new information in my next post.

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