Saturday, September 14, 2019

How to Create a Paytm Business Account for Free?

Hi Guys, today I am going to tell you about Paytm's Business Account, through which I am going to give all the information of Paytm Merchant Account to you as well as to tell you how you can create this business account of Paytm, so let's To get complete information, let's start this latest article of today is about Paytm Business Account 

You all will know about Paytm, Paytm is most used nowadays, through Paytm you get unlimited service on a single platform, whether mobile recharge or any electricity, water or any kind. Whether it is a bill or any kind of installment, every kind of service is available to you through Paytm. Paytm has taken many of its services between us, keeping all the people in mind, so that all of us can use Paytm more and more.

All of you will know about the application of Paytm, but there will be many of you who will not know about Paytm's business application, so first we get information about Paytm Business Application. After all, what is Paytm business and why should we use it? As you may have come to know from its name, this is a kind of business application. This application is for those people who use Paytm more for money transactions.

Know about Paytm's business application

All of you must have used Paytm, you must have seen that the money which is lying in our Paytm wallet, if we start transferring that money to our bank account, then Paytm charges 4% from us i.e. if you paytm wallet. If you transfer 100 rupees from any bank, then you have to pay 104 Rs. Earlier, Paytm did not charge this but now almost everyone charges.
Paytm Merchant Account
To eliminate this charge, Paytm has launched its Paytm Business Application so that those who make more money transactions through Paytm will make money transactions through Paytm Business Application and the money is directly charged to their bank without any charge you can ask for the account. When you take money through Paytm Business application, money does not come in your Paytm Wallet, but comes directly into your bank account. Through the business application you get a bar code and you have to take money by scanning the same barcode.

After taking money through bar code, within 24 hours, the money gets transferred to the same bank account which will be added to your bank account under Paytm Business Application. Anyone can create a Paytm Business Account for free in a very easy way. I have told you very easily through my video that how you can create your Paytm Business Account without KYC, you can watch my video by clicking here and you can create your Paytm Business Account very comfortably. .

There are many benefits of a Paytm business account, the biggest advantage is to transfer the money of your Paytm Wallet to the bank without any charge, but for this you have to make a little different juggle, which I will definitely tell you in my next post.
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