Sunday, September 15, 2019

How to do Proper SEO For Wordpress Blog?

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about How to do Proper SEO For Wordpress Blog?

SEO of WordPress blog or website is very easy. In addition, it is Open Source and User-Friendly. Many free tutorials of wordpress are also available on internet. Thousands of domains are being registered every day and new websites and blogs are being created. This does not mean that only competition is increasing here. Business opportunities are also increasing here. To make WordPress Blog SEO Friendly, it has to make some changes.

SEO Tips For Wordpress Blog

WordPress Theme

 There are many free themes in the theme section on When you allow your budget, purchase the theme. In February 2019, there was some problem in my other website due to which there was too much traffic and revenue loss. The reason for this was the Null Theme. My Blogger friend should never use Null / Crack WordPress Theme. It sounds very good in the beginning but, when the traffic increases on the site, then the problem starts. When the problem grew too much, we thought maybe there is a hosting issue. Port 80 Block was becoming frequent. When talked to Hosting Provider, they told that this is a theme issue. Hearing the theme issue, understood what the problem was. Then that theme was replaced with Paid Theme.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Do you know that 28% of the world's website remains on the WordPress platform. Ever wondered why? Why do people like WordPress so much? The main reason for this is very user-friendly. I tell my experience when a website had to be built on Core PHP or any other FrameWork of PHP, much more time was required in Custumization of Admin Panel, Mainly It takes about 1 month to completely build a website. But because of WordPress, making websites has become very easy. Because everything is ready to use here.

There are many plugins which very much help you for WordPress SEO. Some WP (WordPress) themes are free and Paid. You can use according to your budget. There are two popular WordPress SEO Plugin - All in One SEO Plugin and Yoast SEO Plugin. Talking about me, I use All In One SEO Plugin. You can use Yoast Plugin for SEO, It is a very Popular Plugin among all the Wordpress blogger. Yoast Plugin is availabe in both free and Paid versions.  After reading this post, Invest in Blogging or not it will be cleared, meaning Free Plugin or Paid Plugin should be used.

Wordpress blog speed

Speed ​​matters a lot whether a website or blog is made on any platform. First of all, work on Loading Speed. Your website / blog will be loaded in as little time as it is good. Today, the user does not have a lack of options. Many listings from Google search are exposed. He clicked on what was right for him. But if it takes time to load the website, then the user goes to the other site.

Let We Understand By using an example. Suppose, You have to buy a Notebook. The shop you visited is not there or the shopkeeper is there or you are taking time to deliver the notebook. If that Notebook can only get vehicles, then wait. If you can get it anywhere else, then buy it from where you will get it soon. If you want to engage the user, then he has to give better experience. For this, the loading speed of the site will have to be reduced. The most important site is Loading Speed. That's why the shorter the site loading time is, the better it is.

Wordpress permalink

Permalink means URL structure. What is the structure of the URL whenever you open a page or post? URL Structure is also a part of SEO. At the time of WordPress installation, a default setting is found in which there is also a setting of permalink which is not correct with SEO Purpose.

There is Common Setting in Permalink under the Settings tab. This is the default settings of WordPress. When WordPress is installed, the Common Structure remains set. Permalink has 6 options.

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