Sunday, September 15, 2019

How to do Proper SEO Of A Blogger Blog?

Hello friends, if you are a blogger then you must know about SEO. It is very important to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog. In this guide, we will learn about why and how to do Google Blogger SEO.

How to do Blogger SEO? 

In Blogger SEO, you have to use both SEO strategy like On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Use Heading Tags -

Use Heading tags in your post. Heading tags make the search engine easy to understand the main heading, main points, post title etc. are the main parts of the post and important for SEO. To know more about heading tags and how to use it while writing posts.eyword research -
It is very important to have keywords in the post to be written in your blog. Keyword helps in increasing the ranking of the post.

Before writing a post, find the most searched keywords according to the topic of the post and include it in your post. There are many free and paid tools available to do keyword research. In free tools, you can use websites like google keyword planner,

Use Images in the Post and Optimize it-

You should use images in post and must be optimize it with proper SEO. It is often believed that a better view of a person can be understood quickly by reading. If you use descriptive images as per the topic in your post, then visitors will stay on your site for a long time, this will help in reducing the Bounce rate.

4) Use Call to Action -

Use Call to Action in your post. Catchy actions like Subscribe to our blog, Sharing is Caring, Join Us, Fill free to contact us helps to keep the visitor engaged. This gives the advantage of lower bounce rate.

Blogger Off Page SEO

1) Submit sitemap to search Engines -

It is necessary to submit sitemap of your blog and submit it to search engines like google, bing, yahoo. To know how to generate and submit sitemap for blogger blog, You can subscribe to our blog. Now you can get a website advertise balance of 3000 rupees by submitting a sitemap on bing. To know, follow our blog.

2) Use robot.txt -

It is easy to understand search engine like posts, pages, categories, tags written on the blog from robot.txt. To know how to generate blogger robot.txt, our guide how to generate robot.txt for blogger? You can check it on Internet or Youtube.

3) Make Backlinks -

Backlinks for any website or blog are the most important thing. Without backlinks it is impossible to get in the ranking of search engine. If you want to get your post to the top of the search ranking, then generating backlinks of the site is very important. By reading this guide of backlinks, you can get backlinks for the site.

If you follow this blogger SEO, then in the coming days, a lot of organic traffic will come to your site, which will benefit you in your blogging career.

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