Saturday, September 14, 2019

How to increase Loading Speed For Wordpress Blog?

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you about How to increase Loading Speed For Wordpress Blog?, Whenever it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Loading Speed ​​is considered, when it comes to Blog / Website, the user has many options. In internet, There are other blogs on the same topic and category. In such a situation, the user who is loading the website first likes to browse the same website.

Tips to increase Loading Speed for Wordpress Blog

47% of Internet Users prefer Sites loading in less than 2 Second Time. While 40% of users ignore Sites loading in more than 4 sec time. Therefore, loading time of website is less than 3 seconds. If you want to reduce the loading time of your blog and make it fast, then read the tips given below and follow. There are some steps that can be done to increase Blog Speed.

Plugins & Widgets

Plugin and Widget have been developed to simplify the work of design and development in WordPress and this is why the market demand of WordPress is very high. Many problems related to development become solve by using plugins. But sometimes too much plugin is used to do customization. On the one hand, Plugin makes WordPress development easy and on the other hand makes Site Heavy. Heavy here means web page becomes larger. Which takes time to open Page. This means to use Site Plug Speed ​​and Plugin and Widget sparingly.


Some people have Confusion before they remove that Confusion. Blog is made on many platforms. And, Wordpress is the most popular platform for the bloggers. WordPress also has two services. and is self-hosted and Whereas is a service of Automattic. If your budget allows, then use Self Hosted WordPress. Hosting purchase has to be done in this. Always purchase web hosting from any company that provides best customer support and service. In the beginning, you can get any attention towards any hosting. But, when traffic increases then only testing of hosting


Using more advertisements in the blog is also not right for loading. The main earning source of any informative website / blog is advertisement. What will you eat if the horse befriends the grass? This means that advertising will have to be done but it is better to put 1 high CPC ad than 10 Low CPC Ad. Google Adsense is the favorite monetization network of bloggers. It gives two types of Ad they are Synchronous (Slow) and Asynchronous (Fast). A few days ago Google Adsense used to provide only Synchronous Ad but now Asynchronous Ad is also being offered. Sync Ad Load used to take time. However, Async Ad gets loaded in a short time.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization, It is very important for your SEO. For this you can use a Plugin but, as mentioned above, use the Minimum Plugin or apply it manually to the Theme. TinyPNG Plugin is very good for Image Optimization. But, you can also use it without installing. Before uploading any image, reduce its size from

Why Page Loading Time is Important?

To come to the top in Google SERP, more than 200 ranking factors have to be followed. Out of this, Loading Speed ​​is a very important SEO Factor. For this, the Site Speed ​​Test Tool has also been launched in Google and Pingdom, you can check Site Loading Speed. A special feature of the Google Speed ​​Test Tool is that this solution also provides what changes should be made in the blog / website so that there is a fast load.
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