Sunday, September 15, 2019

What is Anchor Text? Explained

Hi guys, Today I am going to tell you about What is Anchor Text and Why it is important?

Do you know about Anchor Text? SEO in itself is a very big field. There is a need to learn every day here. By doing SEO or Digital Marketing Course nothing happens. It is important to practice and learn continuously. SEO Full Form is Search Engine Optimization, I think everyone know about that. SEO is a process by which a website or blog is ranked in the SERP. SEO has many things to do like image optimization, keywords density and many more. SEO is mainly divided into two Categories or parts - On Page and Off Page SEO. Anchor text is used in On Page SEO itself. Most people give less importance to Anchor Text but, even more, rank can be achieved in SERP. Visible and clickable text of hyperlinks is called Anchor Text. In general, anchor text is underline with blue color. Its color is changed by changing CSS. The search engine notices the keyword used in Anchor text and it is considered very useful for SEO. Anchor text gives the search engine and user the correct information of the content of the link.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor Text can easily crawl other pages of the website. In this post too, some text is visible in red color, it is anchor text only. On moving the Mouse Cursor here, it changes to Hand icon. Above is the highlighted word anchor text.

Anchor text is the clickable text that serves to link another post to a post. Anchor text is used to grab user attention like a hyper link. This reduces the Bounce Rate of the website. Generally speaking, only internal and external links in a blog post are called anchor text. If it follows the search engine engine policy then White Hat comes under SEO

To explain it in detail, information is given in some points below.

Bad Anchor Text

It works like Black Hat SEO. In this, the color of the anchor text is done in background color or something is given in the anchor text and the information in the page which is linked is something else. Learn More, Click Here, Click it, Clink on This is all Bad Anchor Text.

Good Anchor Text

The use of words in anchor text that are a keyword and given information about the post itself is considered good anchor text. The search engine is also able to understand it, this information has been given about this time. The same keyword should always be used in the anchor text about which the post is written.

Benefits of anchor text

Anchor text is used for inbound and outbound links in the website. Its proper use helps in search engine ranking, while its wrong use can get Google penalty. It is used for Organic Traffic. If the Exact Match Keyword is used correctly, the blog post ranks up in the search engine. This also greatly improves the bounce rate. A low bounce rate means the user is staying on the website for a long time.

The result of misuse of any process in SEO reduces the ranking of the website. Anchor Text should always be used in the right place and the right way.Should always be used correctly, even if it is not needed at times, we put anchor text on it, Please Don't do this at all.
While creating a backlink, please check the Spam Score, DA, PA of the website. Avoid linking a blog with a Spam Site or Low DA PA site.
The purpose of writing a guest post is backlink. Writing content on the Low DA PA site is not going to bring any benefit. Always post guest posts on Relevant Keyword only.
Some bloggers and SEO blogs say that Anchor Text no longer works for SEO. However, this is not the case, Search Engine Ranking can still be improved by this.

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