Sunday, October 20, 2019

Top 10 Chrome extension For YouTuber & Bloggers

In today's article, we're going to talk about the best extensions for Chrome for Both YouTuber and Bloggers, These are my favorite Chrome extensions. So stay tuned!

1. Keyword EveryWhere

Update: Now It is A Paid Extension
The first one I'm going to talk about is Keywords Everywhere Keywords everywhere is a great way to research keywords for your SEO needs It can be used in Google search, Google Trends, eBay, YouTube, ubersuggest. Just all over the place. You can install it on Chrome or if you use Firefox, you can use it on Firefox also After you install keywords everywhere Type in a search term I typed in pink buttons It shows me up here at the top that the volume is 320 This is the average CPC and the competition is at 1.

But my favorite part is over here you can look at the related keywords Star buttons is 480 Pink button-up shirt is 210 and it goes on it also says down here people also search for And it shows you some other terms and shows you the search volume on each of those You can also go down here to the bottom and you'll see search related to pink button You'll see the different amounts on each of those If you're on YouTube, you'll see the same over here pink button it has the amount And as you type you can also see some other things.

Let's type in how to use and how to use chopsticks comes in at the top With 40,000 how to use air pods right under it and I won't go any farther than that So if you're creating content and you need to look up keywords keywords everywhere is a great extension

2. Eye Dropper

My next favorite one is called the Eye Dropper. the eye dropper works with both chrome and chromium You just pick any page you click on the eyedropper tool at the top Pick color from webpage and then you go down As you can see down in the bottom corner. It shows you the numbers, but if you click on it And then open this back up again You'll have the hex code right here the official description And everything else that you'll need to use that color

 Let's do that one more time to show you how that works You click on the eyedropper Hit pick from web page You'll see down here in the corner that this has come up You just hover over whatever color And you can click it And then click up here again at the top it'll show you the color, the hex code and any other information you may need on that color If you're a designer and you're working with clients. This is a great way to get the colors directly from their websites

3. Whatfont Tool

The next chrome extension I like to use is called Whatfont Tool This allows me to figure out what font I'm looking at on a web page If you go to their web page and scroll down .
This is where you can get it for Chrome and they also have it for Safari It looks like this up here in the top you can just click on it And once it's open, it will not close until you exit. as you drag it over It will show you what font that is. That's Georgia That's Aerial And that's Sans Serif And this works on most web pages So if you're looking at a web page and ever wondering what that font is, this is an easy way to tell

4. Speed Test

The next one I'm going to mention is Speed Test Now a lot of you use speed tests to test your network And this is extremely important if you're doing a lot of uploading and downloading like I do with video But if you want a quick way to access a speed test without going to the website, let me show you how You download the extension up here at the top when you click on it It opens the speed test automatically. Then click go And it just starts running right there And there we go

5. Hover Zoom

My next favorite one is called Hover Zoom Hover zoom is something where you can move your mouse over a thumbnail and it brings the image up to full size. Let me give you a demonstration of this in Google Images Let's say we're looking for dog Let's get more specific Papillon dog Okay. Now we're gonna go to images and this is what you normally see but when you have hover image on It makes them really big And besides working on Google Images. This also works on Facebook and on several other sites So you no longer have to open all the pictures you can just hover over them And it will make them bigger for you

6. LastPass

The next few extensions I'm going to talk about are actually extensions that work with some of the tools I mentioned in my other Blog post One of the really important ones is LastPass LastPass as a password manager And by having an extension up here. This allows you to easily access your vault You could click on it, go to open my vault and this is also where you can sign in and sign out

7. Loom

The next one is Loom Loom is great for recording your screen and your cam and making quick videos Up here at the top. It has the easy access where you just click And you can do full desktop Or current tab you can do screen and cam, screen only or cam only and just hit start recording It doesn't matter what web page you're on you can start recording immediately Loom just came out with a desktop version that you can download for Mac and that you can download for PC

8. Sign Request

The next extension I love is sign request by having the extension it allows me to work in Google Drive and in Gmail and In Google Docs and you can enable the Gmail plugin right here.

9. Toggl

The next one I'm going to mention is Toggl. I talked about this in my last video Toggle is a time trekker to keep track of time on projects you're working on and when you click the button It just says what are you working on you type in whatever it is that you're working on And push go and that allows you to track your time from wherever you are without even being on the site Toggl is a super handy tool if you work hourly remotely or if you have a remote assistant that you want to work hourly, they can keep track of their time with this really easily

10. Extensity

And the last one I'm going to mention is Extensity and I hope, I didn't butcher that too bad Extensity is a Chrome extension to help you manage your Chrome extensions. I like to say one extension to rule them all When you open extensity it lists all your extensions And you can manage your extensions from here Extensions can be a drain on your system and slow you down So one of the things I do is when I'm not using an extension, I'm not using the eyedropper. I just click it And It turns it off temporarily Turn off the font Turn off toggl Turn off sign request That looks good And now I have less of them running right now and if at any time, I need one of those extensions I just click back in it And I can go right there and turn them right back on Extensity is a great way to manage all your other extensions.

So that is my Chrome extensions and what I considered the best extensions for Chrome in 2019 What are some of your favorite extensions? Drop a comment down below so that we can check it out? Thanks for Reading! and we'll see you next day!